How to take control of the candy

My favourite day of the year is coming up! Halloween! I always love being creative with costumes and watching all the kids dress up. Since I was young, we always had a Halloween party and that tradition has continued with my children. The kids have a great time trick or treating, getting spooked by our neighbours and then sorting through their loot. We tend to let our kids enjoy the candy, self regulate and then watch them lose interest in it after a few days. Some families have a “switch witch” tradition where they trade their kids candy for a gift. This way their kids eat less sugar. But what happens to that loot on November 1st??? It ends up in many workplace lunch rooms!
During first week of November, I guarantee your office lunchroom will be filled with loads of candy and chocolates. It’s so easy to pop a little candy bar and think no big deal. and truthfully it does not have to be a big deal until you find yourself finishing the bowl. Confession time: I have a bit of trouble when I have access to candy. I even opened the candy boxes this weekend…oops!
As we approach the end of the year, I want to encourage you to invest in your own nutritional health self care. Tomorrow is the beginning of the busiest party season of the year. It is also the season where we tend to eat and drink more. I want to help you navigate this holiday season with a healthy meal plan to allow you to enjoy the parties and food guilt free.  I have lots of tricks and tools to help you make healthy eating an easy reality in your life.
Did you know?
Registered Dietitians (RD) are authorized medical practitioners for the purpose of the Canada medical expense tax credit. Services  are tax deductible and/or may be covered by your extended health benefits and/or health spending accounts.
Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage and/or your accountant for further details. For tax deduction, you do not need a prescription, certification or extra form to apply for this deduction.

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