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Let us help you! We create nutritious meal plans to help you meet your health goals. All of our delicious recipes are thoroughly tested, featuring whole food ingredients with easy-to-follow directions for people of all cooking levels.

We have 4 different plans for you to explore as a Do It Yourself (DIY) option or as customized personal meal plans.

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Want a healthy meal plan that is balanced with whole foods, grains and protein?

The Anti-Inflammatory plan is a great place to start. These menus are offered in a standard format as a well as a customized format. You can explore the menus for free and then contact us for a custom approach for your individual or family nutritional needs. Sign up for FREE TRIAL

Looking for plant based meals to your menu? We’ve got your covered.

Our Plan-based meals are balanced with nutrition and variety to keep you fuelled through out the day. These meal plans have many options for meals, snacks and soups. Sign up for FREE TRIAL

Looking to detox and follow a healthy nutritious meal plan?

Our 28 day refresh menu is just perfect for anyone looking for a clean eating menu plan. Our meals contain a variety of plant-based, omnivore and fish whole food menus. All recipes are tested in our culinary kitchen for taste, nutrition and ease of preparation.  Sign up for FREE TRIALAre suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? 

The Low FODMAP meal plan is designed to eliminate foods that have been linked to IBS and improve symptoms like bloating, gas and stomach aches.  This is meal plan to help manage your symptoms and find your trigger foods. It is important to work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist if you are following this meal plan. Sign up for FREE TRIAL

Disclaimer: Please note these meal plans are not intended to treat or cure any specific condition. If you have a condition that requires a more specialized approach (autoimmune, IBS, etc). Please feel free to contact us at info@eatingevolvd.com or through our contact page, to set up a free 15 minute consult to see how I can help you start getting to the root of your health challenges! 
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