Meal Planning

Do you need help meal planning? The biggest reason people reach out to us for  meal planning is they’re looking to evolve the way they interact with food. They want a personalized meal plan that they can follow that incorporates healthy foods and eliminates foods that are not good for their dietary restrictions. If this is you, you can book a consultation with Keren Reiser here. 

 “There are no solutions that cannot be found but only time to be lost in the search. Your time is your most valuable asset. Let’s protect it together”

-eating evolvd

Did you know?

Registered Dietitians (RD) are authorized medical practitioners for the purpose of the Canada medical expense tax credit. Services  are tax deductible and/or may be covered by your extended health benefits and/or health spending accounts.
Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage and/or your accountant for further details. For tax deduction, you do not need a prescription, certification or extra form to apply for this deduction.